Toyota Alphard

  • Seating configuration 2-2-3
  • Ideal for groups of 3 and above, your company’s VVIP, MD & Chairman
  • Frequently used for roadshows and hourly disposal
  • Airport Arrival at SGD$65 nett
  • Airport departure at SGD$60 nett
  • Transfers at SGD$60 nett
  • Hourly Disposal at SGD$60 nett per hour (minimum 3 hours)
  • The Toyota Alphard inherent distinctive and sturdy looking design accentuates the Alphard’s dynamism and commanding presence.
  • Conceived as Toyota’s flagship MPV, the Alphard displays a dynamic and hospitable personality, rendered in a streamlined, distinctively grand format with a spacious cabin and comprehensive features to ensure superior driving enjoyment. Travellers on the Toyota Alphard can assuredly look forward to endless traveling pleasure and pride.
  • Please call or email us. The above rates are our published rates. We do have promotional rates on a regular basis and We are also willing to extend Corporate and Travel Agent Rates.
  • Outside City transfers at additional SGD$10 surcharge
  • Midnight surcharge from 2300 – 0700hrs at additional SGD$15
  • Prices are not applicable during major show periods in Singapore.
    eg F1, Singapore Airshow, etc.
  • Additional En route pick up or drop off charged at additional
    $10 per point
  • Additional Non En route pick up or drop off charged at additional
    $20 per point
  • 15 mins grace period will be accorded, thereafter, waiting time will be charged at $10 per 15 mins block commencing after 15 mins from the pick up time
  • Maximum 30 mins wait whereby after 30 mins, our drivers will leave the pick up point and we reserve the right to levy a 100% charge.
  • In the case of No show, we will impose a 100% charge to the caller


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