• Frustrated of waiting for Taxis?
  • Irritated with the attitude of Taxi Drivers?
  • Turned off by the cleanliness of the Taxi trunk when you
    want to place your items in the back of the Taxi?
  • Being charged exorbitant rates by the Hotel for their Limousine?
  • Wasting your time and phonebill when you call the Taxi Operator?
  • Feeling stressed by monitoring the Taxi Meter and ERP IU Unit?
  • Worried that your car is not good enough for your VIPs?

Why Choose Us

  • Impress your business associates
  • One contact person, you do not have to go through a call centre
  • Concierge Services
  • No ERP Charges
  • No Taxi sign on our roof
  • No peak hour charges
  • No CBD Surcharge
  • No advance booking charges
  • One flat fee
  • Reliable & Punctual

Call NOW: +65 97848335 ( 24 HRS)